Connecticut Resources Online

ANTIQUE CONNECTICUT PHARMACY AND DRUG STORE BOTTLES  : This website provides information on early drug stores located in various towns of CT.
"This site is dedicated to antique Connecticut drug store and pharmacy glass bottles.  I have collected hundreds of bottles over the years, mostly from digging, flea markets, shows, and even eBay. I enjoy collecting, but even more, is learning the history."

Connecticut. General Assembly (1857). Resolves and Private Laws of the State of Connecticut, From the Year 1836 to the Year 1857. New Haven:  Thomas J. Stafford (Vol. 4). Within this publication is the documentation of  "Altering and Establishing the Boundary Line Between Norwalk and New Canaan" from 1843.

Connecticut. Secretary of the State. The Connecticut State register and manual. Hartford: Brown & Gross. Includes the publications from 1997-2019.  This is the state’s website for this publication with an explanation of the contents of the publication.

A Register and Manual of the State of Connecticut and The Connecticut Register and Manual, an incomplete listing from 1880s-1904.

United States Bureau of the Census. (1908). Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790, Connecticut. Baltimore, MD : Genealogical Publishing Co.  R 317.46 CON 1790