Roma in Central and Eastern Europe
The Legacy of Racism, Enslavement, and Annihilation
Part of 3GNY's New Series: More Than Six Million
Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 8:00 pm on Zoom

We're excited to introduce our new webinar series, More Than 6 Million: A series exploring the Holocaust beyond the Jews. Over the next several months, we'll feature programming that includes facts, stories, and experiences about the many other targets of Nazi persecution and genocide. 

The inaugural event of our new series explores the history of the Romani people in Central and Eastern Europe from their enslavement in the 14th century, genocide during WWII, through pogroms, forced sterilization, and exclusion in the 21st century.  

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Julia M. White, Associate Professor, Syracuse University

Julia M. White is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Leadership in the School of Education, Syracuse University. She directs the interdisciplinary minor in Atrocity Studies and the Practices of Social Justice and is the co-coordinator of the Spector/Warren Fellowship for Future Educators, which brings students to the Holocaust Museum Houston for a week to engage in teaching about the Holocaust.
 Her research agenda includes special educational policy at the national and international levels and inclusive education as a human right, particularly related to Romani students in Central and Eastern Europe and students with significant disabilities. She is the recipient of two Fulbright fellowships to the Slovak Republic. Her work has been cited in a European Court of Human Rights decision on the misdiagnosis of Romani students, and she has testified in regional courts in Hungary and the Slovak Republic.

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Fall 2021 WEDU Training Dates
One spot left in our next WEDU class!

Announcing our next training via Zoom for WEDUour educational initiative that empowers grandchildren 
of survivors to learn and share our family histories with students in schools, synagogues, and beyond.  

WEDU training spots are limited and in high demand, so if you commit to the program please note that it is important to attend all sessions.
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Suggested Donation:  $72* 

Spots fill up quickly and RSVP is required.

For RSVP (and for more info), please email weduscheduling@3gnewyork.org with a brief description of yourself and your family story.

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