Language Study

Subscription Databases can be accessed with your Norwalk Public Library card's barcode number.
Mango Languages
Mango has over 70 Languages available.
Check out Mango's YouTube Channel.
SkillSurfer ESL from JobNow
Log in, click SkillSurfer in the Career column.
Choose the ESL button.


Transparent Language
Award-winning database with 110 languages, 
including ESL, that teaches the core language 
skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

Free Language Resources on the Web:

BBC Languages - Great resources for people learning another language (36 languages available). 

- Learn Spanish, French, Italian, Klingon and other languages online for free.

Free - Information on where and how to learn a language online. - Develop language skills by building connections with others.
Live Lingua - Develop your language skills by building connections with others and receive feedback from 
 native speakers and professional teachers. There are over 40 languages with courses in text and audio form.

Rosetta Stone - From second nature to second language, Rosetta Stone helps you tap into your 
 brain's innate ability to learn language, and gets you comfortable with communication in real life.